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5 Reasons Guys want you to Orgasm

Sarah Hill Let’s be honest – some guys genuinely don’t care whether or not you reach the big O – once they’ve climaxed, sexy time comes to end and if you haven’t had an orgasm, tough luck. But happily, most men make a huge effort and really love it when you orgasm - here’s why. 1. It boosts his ego (obvs). All his thrusting is paying off and seeing (and hearing) you orgasm makes him feel like THE MAN. 2. He loves your O face (seriously). You may think your squidgy, screwed-up face will freak him out but the reaction on your face shows that he’s reached his goal and satisfied you. #Winning 3. It’s one of the best ways...

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Lingerie every day

Lingerie typically is meant to be appealing, sexy, even erotic.  It helps set the mood for very special evening, but, what if this is a typical day, do you still wear lingerie? I say yes! If you’re single, dating, in a relationship or even married for 20 years this applies.  I think you should never leave the house unless you have something sexy underneath your clothes.  That should be a rule.  Why save them for a special occasion?

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What's your Lingerie personality?

You wear: Thong   You're practical, but have a seriously sexy side too. And of course you have a great butt! A thong is the staple of the alpha female, the leader of the pack.  You know what you want, and what you want is flawless derriere minus the telltale lines.  You're the one your friends look to for wardrobe advice.  You're confident, comfortable with your body and definitely not scared to get naked! Did you say party? You love a good one and you're most likely to be the girl egging on the DJ to pump up the volume

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