Size Chart

Measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your bust. * This is not always the same as your bra size so please measure. WAIST--Measure around your natural waistline at the smallest part. * Take off 5cm when you order if you want this to fit very slimming and if you have an hourglass waist. So if your waist is 102cm,, and you want it be a complete slimming tight fit, order the size for a 96cm waist. Again if you are apple shaped in the middle you may want to stay with your exact size (see below). All of our corsets are fully laced and can be adjusted at the back so will fit any body shape provided your bust measurement (at the fullest part) greater than your waist measurement! Hips – Place the tape measure around the widest part of your hips, where the curve is most prominent when standing side on.
Know Your Body
If your body shape (please see below size chart for body shapes) is more of an apple shape (no matter what your size, you carry your weight solidly in the middle and upper torso) then we suggest you go a size larger, or at the very least be very accurate with your measurements.

Keep in mind for example 
That a lovely lady who only wears a size 10 pant, could have a bit of an apple shaped torso where she carries her weight solidly in the middle, and so after measuring her waist, may need an XL. At the same time, another lovely lady who wears a size 16 pant, but has a pear or hourglass shaped body (weight is in the hip, booty, and thighs) and has a fairly soft and relatively smaller waist and torso area, could also wear an XL!! 


 Most of our products are made as one size fits most. We use fabric which can be easily stretched

Please also refer to the following measurements restrictions:Size (inch).

(use sizing chart as an estimated guideline only)

Size for Lingerie


Bust(cm) Waist(cm) Hips(cm)
Small 81-86 58-64 86-91
Medium 86-94 64-71 91-99
Large 99-102 71-79 99-104
XL 99-107 79-86 104-112
XXL 107-117 87-94 112-119
XXXL 117-122 94-102 119-127
one size 86-102 58-79 90-104

Size for Corset


Bust(cm) Waist(cm) Hips(cm) Cup Equivalent/ Dress Size
S 81-86 58-64 86-91 A - B 15-20
M 86-94 64-71 91-99 B - C 25-30
L 94-102 71-79 99-104 C 14
XL 102-107 79-86 104-112 C 40-46
2XL 107-114 86-94 112-120   50-55
3XL 114-122 94-102 120-127   55-60
4XL 122-130 102-110 127-135   60-66
5XL 130-135 110-117 135-142   66-71
6XL 135-143 117-125 142-150   71-28 S

Size for Bikini


Bust(inch) Waist(inch) Hips(inch)
S 33-35 28-30 34-36
M 35-37 30-32 36-38
L 37-39 32-34 38-40
XL 39-41 34-36 40-42

Size for Teddy Bikini


Bust(inch) Waist(inch) Hips(inch)
L 33-35 27-29 34-36
XL 35-37 29-31 36-38
XXL 37-39 31-33 38-40
XXXL 39-41 33-35 40-42

How to Measure

Measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your bust.

Measure around your natural waistline, being the smallest part.

Measure Approximately 2" below the natural waistline or 2 fingers below the navel. This measurement applies to all of our pants and shorts. It is also used for any skirt that sits below the navel.

Measure around the fullest part of your hip.

European Sizing
Please take all measurements in centimeters and then divide by
2.54 which will give you the equivalent in inches.
An example would be a waist size of 78.74 centimeters divided by
2.54 would equal a 31 inch waist.

Height: fit best for those with height (from head to floor) 158 cm to 175 cm

Please refer to "size" section in each product for more details

Body Shape
Pear shape - If you've got a small bust and narrow shoulders, and bigger hips, thighs or bum, you've got a pear shape
Apple Shape - If you've got an ample bust, rounded stomach and slimmer hips, you've got an apple shape.
Hourglass - If you've got an ample bust, curvy hips and a defined, slimmer waist, you've got an hourglass figure
Petite - If you're five foot three or under, and have a small frame, you've got the petite body shape
Slim Athletic - If you've got a sporty, strong body with few curves, you've got the athletic body shape
How to find your shoe size:
To ensure your shoe fits, be sure to compare your foot’s measurements to our size chart below. Example: Your foot length is 26.7 cm, and girth is 23.5 cm. You might usually wear a size 8, but your best fit on some of our size charts may be a 9. Please cross check your foot measurements to our size chart.
Size Foot Lenght Foot Girth
cm cm
1 21.68 21.2
2 22.34 20.4
3 23 20.85
4 23.66 21.3
5 24.32 21.75
6 24.98 22.2
7 25.64 22.65
8 26.3 23.1
9 26.96 23.55
We recommend to all clients to please measure themselves to guide yourself with sizing please